Friday, January 15, 2016

Schoolchildren In Hennessey, Oklahoma, in 1901

Here's another Ensemble, found on an item from an eBay auction* a couple of years ago — a memory card from teacher Mary E. Jett to her students, for the 1900-1 school year of Hennessey, Kingfisher County, Oklahoma. It contains on the front a photograph of Ms Jett and the names of members of the School Board, and on the back a list of her students.

Mentioned on the front of the card are the names Mary E. Jett (the teacher), and School Board members John Thompson (Director), J. M. Crist (Clerk), and John Ricks (treasurer).

Mentioned on the back are the names of thirty students of hers.

Listed individually, these are:

Eugene Stetler
Herbert Holmes
Myrtle Holmes
Ada Stetler
Minnie Thompson
Fern Snook
Olive Thompson
Ira Maupin
Willie Ricks
Dillard Holliway
Lizzie Maupin
Estella Snook
Frankie Stetler
Joe Patocha
Lucy Maupin
Elmer Bond
Maudie Carroll
Fanny Hawkins
Archie Stetler
Charles Stetler
Ruie Smith
Anna Snooks
Elsie Thompson
Ethel Holmes
Luther Bond
Clay Holliway
Eva Ricks
John Flarety
Myrtle Maupin
Chester Holmes
Thomas Holmes
Frank Patocha
Laura Maupin
Evalyn Bond
Rozela Hawkins

As a number of them have the same surname, we should be able to find several of those together. The question is whether we can find data on all of them.

*The auction was from a listing by eBay seller askmatzen.


We still haven't found corroborating evidence for these children from Huntsville, Arkansas, in 1874 (see previous blog posts):

Edward Barbour
W. Van Buren
W. P. Buren
Johnnie Moody (perhaps)
Allie A. Powe
Fannie Richmond
Bell Parks

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