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Ensemble Genealogy: School Children of Huntsville, Arkansas, in 1874

In the previous posting, we had an image of the letter written to ST NICHOLAS in 1874 by Robert Hiram "Robbie" Prather. Here are some links we can follow to learn about him and his family nd friends.

All the people below are associated with the Prather children, and the school they went to. They make an Ensemble, and you can often see common threads among the members of a group like this.

How does this apply to genealogy? If you know specific people have a common association, you may be able to find them associated in other parts of their lives, such as marriages, emigration, church membership -- you know the drill. The ones you can't find anything about: These are the ones for which this batch of data is important.

Robbie Prather

There is an extensive discussion of this Prather family in "THE BALD KNOBBERS OF SOUTHWEST MISSOURI, 1885-1889: A STUDY OF VIGILANTE JUSTICE IN THE OZARKS" or .

Bennie Prather

Frankie Prather

Dick Prather

Hugh F. Berry     Nothing found yet

Edward Barbour     Nothing found yet

M. S. Newton     Nothing found yet

W. Van Buren     Nothing found yet

Willie Sams
Possibly the Willie B. "Sauer" living in Mulberry, Franklin, Arkansas in 1870:

Nat Sanders for numerous records of this person and his wife on Rootsweb

George Anthony
Probably the one living in Bowen, Madison, Arkansas in 1880

W. P. Buren     Nothing found yet

Howard A. Kenner     Living in Huntsville in 1880:

Frank E. Johnson     As Franklin A. Johnson, living in War Eagle in 1880:

O. D. Johnson     As Ozias D. Johnson, living in War Eagle in 1880:

Noah U. S. Johnson     Living in War Eagle for the 1880 Census, as Noah Ulices Johnson:

Johnnie Moody     Not found. There is a Johnnie "Moady" in Huntsville in the 1880 Census, sibling to Allie (below) identified as a Daughter.

Allie A. Powe     Nothing found yet

Bell Berry
Living in Mulberry, Franklin, Arkansas in 1870:

Ella Sams
See 1870 Federal Census for White Oak, Franklin, Arkansas

Fannie Richmond     Nothing found yet

Cener Sanders     In Huntsville, War Eagle Township, in 1860, as "Coner" Sanders:

Bell Parks     Not found; there is a Parks family in War Eagle in the 1870 census.

Selina Copeland     Nothing found yet

Minda Bohannon
There are Bohannon families in War Eagle, Madison, Arkansas in 1860:
and 1880:
Ancestry's International Marriage Index says Arminda Ellen Bohannon, b. 1864, married Dan Richardson in 1878.

Allie Moody    See Allie S. "Moady" in the 1880 Federal Census for Huntsville:

Bettie Polk     Probably Elizabeth H. Polk, born 1858, in 1860 Census:

Clint Kenner     Possibly the Susan C. Kenner, born 1856, in the 1880 census:

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